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Historicism is loyal to, though not sponsored by, the Seventh-day Adventist church.
As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

Book of Daniel Study Resources [Includes valuable information on Qumran Daniel manuscripts.]

Hebrew Scriptures
Mechon Mamre (Mamre Foundation) [Hebrew Old Testament based on BHS available in various forms. Can be used online or downloaded. Mechon Mamre also makes available a sizable library of Jewish law and commentary. They ask for, but do not require, a donation.]

The Tanakh Project [Searchable BHS online. Excellent resource! Not downloadable. To use this site you must install a font which they supply free. An optional keyboard layout comes with the font.]

BibleWorks [I use BibleWorks7 constantly and could not function without it. Highly recommended! And no, this is not a paid ad. Just honest appreciation.]

Linguist's Software [My font package for transliteration of biblical words is Semitic Transliterator from Linguist's Software. Everything these people touch is done beautifully and a number of their products have Bible students specifically in mind.]

projectseven [The menu package that I used for Historicism.org is PopMenu Magic from projectseven (PVII). It's flexible, easy to work with, and silky smooth. Superb software.]