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Daniel 12  
Daniel 12 2006 Symposium (Sulphur, OK)
Futurist Results and the Principle of Association Dan 12:5-13
Response on Dan 12 Dan 12:5-13: Further Thoughts
The 1290 and 1335 Days Made Plain (Gary Gibbs) Graphic Showing Major Time Periods
The 1,290 and 1,335 Days of Daniel 12 (Alberto Timm) 2014 Symposium (Fallbrook, CA)
A Note on the Syntax of Dan 12:7 A Context for the Time Periods of Dan 12:11-12
2016 Symposium (Chico, CA)
Intertextual Parallels to Daniel 12 (2016)
Clovis and the Year 508 (2016)

Supporting Material: Word Searches
Main Reference Discussion Verses
Dan 12:6 Does cad matay Refer to a Period of Time? Hebrew cad matay
Dan 12:6 Is the Period "Wonderful" or "Awful"? Revised Hebrew pele'
Dan 12:7 What Finally Comes to an End? Hebrew kallot
Dan 12:7 What Does It Mean to Be Broken? Hebrew nappes
Dan 12:7 Hebrew Syntactic Frames for Selected English Glosses Associated With Time Periods
Dan 12:8 The Outcome Hebrew aharit
Dan 12:11 What Is the "Daily"? Hebrew tamid

Papers From the Original Print Publication
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