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As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

Revelation 2
The "Ten Days" of Rev 2:10
Forty-Two Commentaries on Rev 2:10

Revelation 4-5; 19a
Parallels Between Zech 1:7-6:15 and Rev 4:1-6:8
Rev 4-5 and 19a
Spirit of Prophecy References to the Sea of Glass
Thoughts on Rev 4-5: Where Is the Throne?

Revelation 10
Thoughts on Rev 10

Revelation 13
That Notorious Number (Edwin de Kock)
More on Revelation 4-5; 19a
The document below is large and could download slowly.
Revelation 4-5 and 19a (98 pages)

Here is the same document in smaller pieces:
-     Forward, Table of Contents
-     Part 1: Introduction
-     Part 2: In Regard to Dan 7
-     Part 3: The Four Series of Seven
-     Part 4: The Three Angels' Messages
-     Part 5: In Regard to Rev 19a
-     Part 6: The Spirit of Prophecy
-     Part 7: Conclusion

Supporting Material
Main Reference Discussion Verses
Rev 5:1 Does Greek dexian Mean Right [Side] or Right [Hand]? Verse List
Translation List
Rev 11:17-18 What Is the Context for Rev 11:19? Four Greek Terms