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Historicism is loyal to, though not sponsored by, the Seventh-day Adventist church.
As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.


The word "Historicism" has more than one meaning that could be considered germane to us here. (1) It is, of course, a school of thought with regard to prophetic interpretation. (2) Historicism was the name of a small journal I edited from 1985 through 1991. The journal developed as an extension of my M.A. thesis ("An Historicist Perspective on Daniel 11," Andrews University, 1993). (3) I have borrowed the word "historicism" (historicism.org) as the name for the present website as well, which, as of September 14, 2010, contains all of the content that appeared in the original print publication.

Years of study have only deepened my conviction that the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the great prophecies of the Old and New Testaments is indeed God's truth. Are there details that invite further study and clarification? Certainly. That's why I wrote on Dan 11 back in 1983 and why the present web site exists today. But the historicist framework on which the church bases its understanding of these things is the right framework, and the message that has resulted from such study is the right message. As you browse the pages of this website let me share with you some of the reasons why I think so.