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As of 09/14/10 all papers from the original Historicism print publication have been posted.

North/South Appendices
Original Appendices (Series A) Replacement Appendices (Series B)
Appendix A1: References to "North" in the Prophets Appendix B1: References to "North"
Appendix A2: References to "South" in the Prophets Appendix B2: References to Assyria
Appendix A3: References to Egypt in the Prophets Appendix B3: References to Babylon
Appendix B4: References to Chaldea
Appendix B5: References to "South"
Appendix B6: References to Egypt
Appendix B7: Summary of Totals
Appendix B8: A Word of Explanation

The original set of appendices which accompanied, "'North' and 'South' in Dan 11: A Prolegomenon to the Final Verses" (No. 21/Jan 90), are here labeled series A. These have now been reworked and expanded as series B. For discussion please see replacement "Appendix B8: A Word of Explanation."